Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Favourites

-What a month January was! I celebrated my birthday, passed my theory test, caught up with old friends and managed to completely neglect my blog *sorry*-
here are the things I've been loving throughout the first month of

I briefly mentioned this in a pamper post here recently so won't dabble on too much but this is an incredible moisturiser, especially around this time of the year when the cold weather leaves your body feeling dry & lacking in appearance.The scent of this reminds me of Summer too so it's definitely been comforting when urging myself out of my warm bed to face the cold, dismal weather- also a foot saviour for the cold nights.. Not to mention, I've spent this month in cosy socks and pj bottoms whenever possible. 

I blogged about this beautiful statement watch last year and you all adored it just as much as I, it's the perfect addition to any outfit and I love how minimalistic yet effective it is as an accessory. I usually forget to wear bracelets or watches but I have found myself wearing this pretty much everyday this month and so this has earned a firm place in my favourites. 

Lip balm season is well and truly upon us & what good is a lip balm without a trusty hero Winter staple.. a lip scrub. 
I love Mint Julips in particular as it tastes like mint chocolate *chocolate addict right here* and is a lot more oil based compared to the other lip scrubs I have tried from Lush and so conditions as well as taking off the dead surfaced skin. If you don't live near a Lush store then you can easily DIY a lip scrub with castor sugar and oil. 

I blame my lovely friend Georgia for my obsession with this stuff, if you haven't tried it then you MUST. It's like a hug in a mug and every single year I forget how much I love white hot chocolate until the Costa christmas drinks make an appearance (they have nothing on the Options sachets) If white hot chocolate isn't your thing then I would recommend either the mint or orange chocolate sachets as they are incredible too.  I am definitely a tea kinda gal but cannot resist these, especially when the weather is hitting minus numbers at the moment!

Before trying this, I was a drugstore concealer lover.. after all, did I need a high end concealer if my foundation was good enough? and this isn't a product that I would urge you all to buy because yes, it's pricey *sobs* but it's also incredible. I love how creamy yet lightweight this concealer is and it definitely came into play over Christmas when sleep wasn't a huge part of my routine- helloooooo dark circles. It brightens up the eye area and looks seamless and so I love it for those reasons, the only downsides are the price and applicator.. I would prefer a tube for hygiene reasons as it means I don't tend to use it to cover up blemishes. But, if your current concealer is high end and you want to give something a try or if you're feeling a splurge, this product is an asset to any makeup collection. 

I am useless at describing scents so I won't try and describe every single note, for all of our sakes. This is lovely warm scent with floral undertones which contrast beautifully, I would definitely pin this onto Autumn & Winter as a scent- despite being complimented when wearing this, lots of people have said that it suits me as a person but they couldn't pull it off (what does that even mean?!) so i'd definitely say make sure you smell it before purchasing.  I've been wearing this non-stop this month as it's the perfect mist to leave in my handbag and spray throughout the day. 

-what have you been loving so far in 2016?-



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