Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Coke Floats

-you will need-
. a fizzy drink of your choice

.vanilla ice cream

not the healthiest of beverages but one that definitely reminds me of my childhood, coke floats are the perfect addition to a spring picnic or just a little pick me up..

The actual method is fairly simple, fill a (cute, obviously) glass with coca cola or a fizzy drink of your choice (Cream Soda also tastes delicious) then add in a scoop of ice cream and enjoy! 

My little sisters loved watching this fizz away and so if you have little ones this could be the perfect thing for them to make on a hot day as it's super simple and takes about 30 seconds! 

have you ever tried Coke Floats?



Sunday, 27 March 2016

Spring Beauty Edit

As much as I love all things Autumn and Winter, waking up to the Sunshine this weekend has definitely put me in a happy mood and made me want to switch up my wardrobe and makeup routine for Spring.. here are a few things I have been loving lately and beauty pieces that are perfect for Spring.

{Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs}

I was lucky enough to receive this for Christmas and have been dying for Spring to make an appearance ever since, this is the most beautiful fresh scent and is perfect for Spring & Summer. I am helpless at describing scents and so to spare the ramble I would recommend popping into Boots or Superdrug to give this a go. Also, how adorable is the bottle?! that in itself screams out Spring and Summer and all things pretty and girly. (also, a dreamy addition to any flatlays- just saying)

{Fresh Nude Foundation, The Body Shop}

II'm always finding hidden beauty gems and cult classic products to try out  & this foundation has quickly became my everyday base (sorry YSL touche ├ęclat foundation) As a dry skin kinda gal I find it hard to find a foundation that gives enough coverage but is equally as hydrating for my skin, the Fresh Nude foundation contains Rose Water and so caters to my hydration needs whilst giving a flawless, dewy coverage which I love. It's a light/medium but buildable coverage and so perfect for Spring as it's not too heavy and, when paired with a Primer will last all day long. This foundation also contains SPF 15, another element that makes it my choice of foundation for Spring.

{Eternal Gold Colour Tattoo, Maybelline}

Last year the blogging community went crazy for the Maybelline colour tattoos and for a good reason too, they are incredible. I like to use these as either a base for other eyeshadows or a quick and easy eye makeup look when worn on their own, these last all day long and are super easy to work with. In the Spring I like to wear more gold and lighter eyeshadows and so have chosen Eternal Gold as the most appropriate Spring shade- if you haven't tried any of the colour tattoos then I'd highly recommend them, they're an absolute dupe for the MAC paint pots and are under £5 each.

{Juliannes Nude, Loreal}

For myself, Pink lipsticks can either be a) extremely unflattering b) flattering- I find it's the hardest shade to get right *sigh* Juliannes Nude is a beautiful deep shade of pink and so perfect for paler skinned gals like myself or people who cannot seem to master the Pink lip trend- think your lips but better... These have a lovely colour pay off and stay in place when paired with a gloss and come in lots of different shades so there is something for everyone. 

{Can't Afjord Not To, OPI}

I, stupidly forgot to swatch this and so you'll have to imagine the colour but this is a beautiful peachy orange shade that looks AMAZING with a tan- as we head into self tanning season woo! I love the quality of OPI polishes and how little you need in terms of coats, they seem to last well with a top coat and as I love to paint my nails brighter in the Spring and Summer this is a shade I always tend to go back to for the warmer months. 

{Naked 3, Urban Decay}

A cult classic and palette that I always love to use, the Naked 3 is full of beautiful rose gold shades and Spring loveliness. I love how versatile each shade is and these shadows look incredible on both blue and brown eyed individuals- a firm favourite but one that is very Spring appropriate. 

{Roller lash, Benefit}

Despite the amazing reviews, I hadn't picked this up until recently when my friend was wearing it and it looked amazing. I love how much of a natural yet full effect you get with this mascara and as I tend to wear less makeup in the heat, this will be the perfect addition to my minimal makeup menu. I wish it was waterproof for the Summer though!

{Love at First Blush, Soap & Glory}

The end of 2015 saw me become obsessed with highlighters (nothing beats a beautiful soft glow!) and so when I came across this, I instantly fell in love with it. This is beautiful used either as a blush or swept across the cheekbones for a rosy highlight shade, this doesn't make my foundation move as it's nice and lightweight and lasts all day. 

& that's it!
 A few of my beauty picks for Spring 2016..

what are your favourite beauty items for Spring?



Friday, 25 March 2016

A Timeless Classic

I am completely in love with my Daniel Wellington watch.

I never realised how much one staple accessory could completely transform the outfits you wear, make you look more put together at all times and be a topic of conversation when people catch a glance at it.
In an era where you can click the button on your mobile device to see the time, it's so easy to forget to wear or watch or even neglect the concept at all- but does your phone look this pretty?!  
After what seemed like forever browsing through the DW site, I decided to go for the Classic Sheffield watch in the end with a Rose Gold finish, something I knew would compliment my outfits and be very wearable for both casual and smart occasions.

What I love the most is the simplicity yet elegance of this watch, the leather strap is paired beautifully with the Rose Gold detailing and large, minimalistic face. Despite the delicacy the watch itself is very sturdy, I have been wearing it everyday and it is showing no signs of wear at the moment, something typical of watches I have purchased in the past. 

what do you think of my watch?




Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Milk & White Chocolate Cookies

The moment I found out that Tanya Burr was releasing a book, I knew I had to have it. Within the incredible book lies a recipe section containing one of my favourite recipes of all time, the oh so famous signature cookie recipe. These cookies are super easy and quick to make and so perfect for movie nights in or sunny Saturday picnics. 

{Recipe taken from Love, Tanya book}

: you will need (based on ten cookies)

-200g butter
-300g caster sugar
-1 large egg
-325g self raising flour
- A dash of milk (optional)
-200g White Chocolate (I used Milkybar)
200g Milk Chocolate (I used Cadbury's)

: method

Pre-heat your oven to 200c and then start off by whisking the butter and sugar together until it's pale and creamy- make sure you butter is at room temp so it blends easily. 
Crack in the egg and mix it through. 
Gradually add the flour by putting in little amounts at a time and mix. 
The mixture should now resemble a dough, if it is too dry then add a dash of milk until it's the right consistency- if it becomes too runny, add a little more flour.  
Break up and add in the white and milk chocolate chunks- spread them through thoroughly as they will tend to clump together. 
Shape the mixture into ten balls with your hands and place onto a greaseproof paper lined tray- bake these for 10-12 minutes and NO longer.. 
It will seem like they aren't done yet but that's the point, it makes them gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside YUM.

and there we go, my favourite recipe from the book! 

what is your favourite thing to bake?



Thursday, 17 March 2016

My MAC Eyeshadow Collection

-Now that I've finally completed two MAC quads, I can show you my MAC eyeshadow collection! I know that compared to other bloggers, my collection is tiny.. But i've been collecting these for a while now and I'm very excited to share my picks with you!-

{the comfort zone quad}

- Shroom -

Shroom is the perfect inner corner/brow bone highlight, it's an almost beige white which means it doesn't look too sharp or harsh when used as a highlighter- I've even worn this on my cheekbones before and it looked beautiful! It isn't too shimmery either which makes it perfect for highlighting without resembling a disco ball (been there, regret that) As far as these eyeshadows go, it is the most boring therefore if you are only wanting to build up a small collection I'd say go for a bold colour or statement eyeshadow. However, shroom is a beautiful addition to my comfort zone quad. 

- Woodwinked -

Undoubtably my most worn MAC shadow, woodwinked is a beautiful bronzed gold. This is the perfect shadow to wear all over the lid and blend out at the crease as it changes colour to a deeper bronzed shade when blended, I love the texture of all of the MAC shadows as they are so easy to blend! This eyeshadow looks amazing on people with both blue and brown eyes and woodwinked will always be a shadow that I repurchase because of it's versatility and convenience when i'm in a rush and still want to look more put together. 

- Amber Lights -

If you have blue eyes then you NEEEEEEED this eyeshadow, not kidding. I picked this one up for my birthday and it's the most beautiful golden eyeshadow (sorry UD half baked.) Whenever I wear this I get so many comments on how blue my eyes look and I think it's due to the slight copper undertone that Amber Lights possesses. The texture is creamy yet almost foiled, meaning a tiny bit of this eyeshadow goes a really long way- when blended Amber Lights transforms into a deeper version of itself. A staple for this time of year. 
- Satin Taupe -

This is one of MAC's most popular eyeshadows and one that everyone seemed to recommend to me when I was trying to complete this quad, Satin Taupe is a silver toned brown with an almost purple shade running throughout. And I do love this shade but it's one I seem to forget about, I don't know if this is because i will usually reach for my Naked palette if I want a brown smokey eye & I tend to prefer warmer toned shadows. If you are a cool toned kinda gal then i'd say give this eyeshadow a swatch and see how you feel about it, this would look stunning on green or brown eyes. 

{slightly more adventurous quad}

- All that glitters -

All that Glitters is a rose gold (bloggers dream) eyeshadow that looks amazing both swept all over the eyelid or as a highlight shadow. This is my second most worn eyeshadow from my collection as it's so versatile and wearable. 

- Mythology -

Slightly more adventurous, Mythology is a coppery brown (almost pink) eyeshadow that used to be my absolute favourite. Again, this eyeshadow really compliments both brown and blue eyes. I used to love wearing this with a darker brown ran through the crease and at one point, this was 'the' MAC eyeshadow to have. Swatching mythology for these photos reminded me just how much I love it and so will try and make a tutorial with this for Spring (when I start YouTube eeee)

- Sumptuous Olive -

I had always lusted after this eyeshadow but wimped out each time I went into MAC, could I pull off a green eyeshadow without looking like a 90's reject?! yes yes yes. This is such a beautiful green shade, it has a golden shimmer running throughout it which is why I think it's such an easy yet bold(er) colour to wear- it's perfect for a/w! If you have brown eyes this eyeshadow would look incredible on you, or if you have red hair. 

- Cranberry -

I also picked up cranberry on my birthday after 20 minutes of deliberation at the MAC eyeshadow bay and I am so pleased that Hannah from GlitterMelody urged me to purchase this because it is the most beautiful eyeshadow I own. I did wonder if i'd look like i had just been in a fight and ended it with a black eye when I wore this eyeshadow but if you blend it out properly, it gives a beautiful berry smokey eye. Again, perfect for blue eyes as the berry undertones help to make the blue stand out even more and give you gorgeous, glowing eyes. Later on in the year I will do a post on this separately with an eyeshadow look as this is the perfect shade for October time. 

-which is your favourite out of my MAC eyeshadow collection?
& what is your favourite MAC eyeshadow?-


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