Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016 : Disney Edit

To say that I feel blessed is an understatement, I have had the most incredible Christmas this year & feel very lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people.. 

I am a HUGE Disney fan, to the extent that I can recite some of the films word for word and so I could not believe the amount of Disney presents I received this year- a few of them made me cry! Thank you so much to all of the lovely people that gave me gifts this year & in particular the biggest THANK YOU to my boyfriend Dan, who constantly makes me feel like a real life Disney Princess.

The first of many special gifts is this beautiful personalised Minnie stocking that Dan gave me, I can never find anything with my name on let alone anything Disney related! I will love and cherish this stocking forever & you can expect to see this one creep into festive blogposts and home tours in 2017. 

Next up and one of the presents that made me cry was this incredible Beauty & The Beast snow globe, also from Dan (aka best boyfriend in the whole world.) Beauty & The Beast is my favourite Disney film and has been since I was teeny and so this holds real sentimental value to me, I am in love with the design & it also plays 'something there' which is one of my favourite songs from the film! I was overwhelmed when I opened this and feel so lucky to share my life with someone as thoughtful as Dan, this is something I will treasure forever and it's staying out on show all year around. 

Another super special one is this UP christmas ornament & there's a little story behind why it means so much to me. Every year Disney bring out a gorgeous selection of ornaments and I first saw this one on hellojordan's instagram and fell in love with it, UP is also one of my favourite films and the story behind it is super sweet, I love the concept of taking the people that you love's dreams and fulfilling them.. But it was sold out everywhere & I finally gave up after visiting the Disney site for days on end and visiting the Disney Store in London where it was no where to be seen. 
Dan somehow managed to get ahold of it and it means so much to me that he tried so hard to get it for me, this is staying out on our shelves all year around and will have pride of place on our Christmas tree next year. 

Next are these absolutely beautiful Beauty & The Beast ornaments, also from my amazing boyfriend. These made me bawl my eyes out, just when I thought he couldn't get more thoughtful he surprised me with these! I absolutely love each and every one of them, the detailing is incredible and as we have a Cogsworth Clock already these complete our collection AHHH. 

I love to collect things and this year we decided to start collecting the shiny cover Disney Blue-rays, Dan and his family very kindly gave me some as gifts which I'm super grateful for, these look amazing on a shelf and it means I can re-watch Disney films all the time (win win!) Let me know if any of you would like to see a post on our collection so far.

I HAVE A LOTSO BEAR, HE SMELLS LIKE STRAWBERRIES & HAS MY NAME ON AHHHDSBJFBS. I was ridiculously excited when I opened this, Toy Story is a classic Disney film that I absolutely love and despite Lotso being a baddie, he smells like strawberries and is super cuddly. Dan and I saw him in the Disney store back in September and I mentioned how cute he was but he wouldn't have managed to squeeze into our hand luggage and so I was very happy and surprised to find him within my presents.

In my stocking from Dan's parents I was also lucky enough to get some Disney bits, including the beautiful retro Disney glasses shown within the picture- I love them SO much! and lots more.

I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone, especially Dan for my lovely gifts- I'm a very lucky girl!

did you get anything Disney related for Christmas?





  1. I love all the personalisation! You can't go wrong with Disney gifts - especially at Christmas. My son has a big Lotso teddy and he made his room smell of strawberries for ages! It was great!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!




  2. This is the cutest post, so many adorable things!

    Parie x

    Class and Glitter

  3. Oh wow, so many cute Disney things! I'm so jealous. The Beauty and the Beast ornaments are my fave items here, as I love that film so much! x x

  4. How sweet is your boyfriend especially for managing to get the Up ornament for you! I love how personal all your presents are.

    Raise The Waves


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