Saturday, 7 July 2018

Summer Body Care Favourites

Despite being an Autumn gal through and through, there's something rather blissful about Summer - we've had a couple of weeks of glorious weather in the UK which for me means 2 things: far too much ice cream has been consumer and it's time to get those pale af ghostly legs out. 

Amongst the ice cream and football, I've fallen back in love with body care - here are some of the pieces I've been loving: 

Champneys Summer Dream Bubble Bath 

Although the weather has been hot, I'm still loving having a Sunday  pamper bath! For me, a Lush bath bomb is more of an Autumn/Winter treat so I've been testing some alternatives to my usual Lush faves. This bubble bath from Champneys has a lovely fruity scent and leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft - the perfect Summer bath time treat. Although this is a fruity scent, it isn't too uplifting so as well as making me smell divine this is also my go-to after a stressful day. 

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub 

I wish I could eat this, it smells THAT good. Though this post is for my Summer body care faves, this is my all time favourite scrub. 
It smells like maple syrup pancakes, removes dry skin like a pro and leaves a beautiful oily residue on the skin - if you haven't already tried this, you need to (if you fake tan regularly this will change your life) 

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tan Moisturiser 

Initially I purchased this as an alternative to tanning and although it left a very subtle hint of a tan, I would recommend using this alongside your tan to prolong the glow. This has a beautiful scent, is easy to apply and would be the perfect addition to a Summer holiday suitcase.

Dove Shower Mousse, Argan Oil 

I picked this up in Boots when it had first launched (and was on special offer!) and it has completely changed my shaving routine. This leaves my legs feeling super soft and moisturised - this is now my go-to shaving product. 

Peppermint Foot Cream, The Body Shop 

After a long day, this is one of my favourite products to apply. Though it may not be the most glamorous, this instantly cools feet and leaves them feeling silky soft. A summer must have!

The Righteous Butter, Soap & Glory 

Another holy grail product of mine, this body butter is very hydrating though absorbs quickly (unlike the body butters from the body shop) this has a very Summery scent which lingers all day, I personally like this as I tend to wear light weight fragrances that layer beautifully with the scent. 

What are your Summer body care favourites? 


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